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Icons are great little symbols and images that are used throughout the web. Icons are especially useful to web designers who use icons in their website designs to make their users lives much easier. They also use icon sets in their web applications and to spice up their desktop. Both web designers and graphic designers create new icon sets all the time and add them to the World Wide Web for everyone to use. This has lead to a community of global sharing that is helping to make everyone's lives easier.

Today, I am doing my part for the global sharing community. I have tried to amass a great collection of icon sets this past weekend and in today's post, I want to share them with you. Now, instead of spending hours combing the web for great icon sets, I hope that this list can become your one-stop shop for all your icon needs.

Antique icons by paradis24434

This unique icon pack comes in two different formats (ICO and PNG).
Antique icons by paradis24434

Folder Icons Pack by deleket

50 folder and trash icons available for both PCs and MACs.
Folder Icons Pack by deleket

Random Computer Graphics by heylove

These are great icons if you ever need to use computers in your designs.
Random COMPUTER Icons

Round Theme Icons by Kon

This set includes 106 beautifully rounded icons.
Rounded Theme Icons by Kon

Buttons Icon Pack by deleket

These icons come in ICO and PNG format. The pack also comes with templates so you can build and work on your own buttons.
Button Icons Pack by deleket

Free Web Application Icons Set by WebAppers

These 20, 3D and glossy icons are designed specially for web applications. Each icon comes in 3 sizes different sizes (48×48px, 32×32px and 24×24px) and is available in PNG format with a transparent background.
web application icons

Once by Delacro

These icons are available in .PNG format at 48x48px.
Once by Delacro

NiXUS by kyo-tux

This set of 60 icons is available in three convenient sizes (32×32px, 48×48px and 64×64px).
Nixus by Kyo-tux

32px Mantra by Umar123
Approximately 50 icons in all, this wonderful set comes in 4 different formats (PNG,  ICNS,  ICO and  iContainer) at 32x32px.
32px Mantra by umar123

Elegant Blue Icons by Iconerz

These fantastic icons are great for web design. They are available as PNG's in 3 different formats (64×64px, 32×32px, 16×16px).

Elegant Blue Icons by Iconerz

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