Free Vector Background Patterns


Designers use patterns all the time in their designs. Sometimes designers use patterns as the backgrounds for their website or twitter page designs while other times designers use patterns to simply add a little extra depth or texture to their designs. Vector patterns are very useful in a wide variety of different ways and they are used often in both print and web design.

Here are some great vector background patterns that you can download from us here for free. To download any one of the vector patterns, simply click on the images and your download will begin. Please carefully read the descriptions for each vector pattern so that you abide by the licensing requirements for each vector pattern.

Aluminum Skid Plate Vector Pattern

This is a great aluminum pattern created by StudioBAUER, a member of Vectoreezy. The vector pattern is below followed by an example of it being used. Hopefully, this design will give you some ideas as to how you can also use this aluminum vector pattern in one of your designs.

Aluminum Vector Pattern 1

Aluminum Vector Pattern Example

Seamless Vector Pattern

This great swirly vector background pattern was created by Jason Gaylor of DesignFruit. It can be used for free in all of your personal design work. If you want to use this pattern in one of your commercial projects, please contact the author and refer to the licensing instructions included in this download.

Seamless Vector Pattern by DesignFruit

Holiday Design

For those of you looking for something for Christmas, here is a lovely vector pattern created by Clarice Gomes Designs. This vector design is free for use in all of your personal and commercial projects however, please give the author credit.

Holiday Design

Vector Different Pattern

This beautiful swirly vector background design was created by IdealHut. The work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License which basically states that you can "redistribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this work even for commercial reasons, as long as you credit this artist by linking back".

Vector Different Pattern

Vintage Flower Vector Pattern

This amazing vintage floral pattern was created by gtsat. It is an excellent vector patter for creating an 'artistic twitter background or for decorating design elements in your compositions'.You can use it in both your personal and commercial design work.

vintage vector pattern by gtsat

Art Nouveau Vector Floral Pattern

This floral vector background design was created by Sergeypoluse. To use this file as a vector, simply open the pdf file in Adobe Illustrator and play away. It is free for both personal and commercial use.

Art Nouveau Flower Vector Design by sergeypoluse

Fifties Wallpaper Pattern

This fantastic fifties vector wallpaper was created by AssEyeDee. You can use this pattern for free however, if you do, please send the author a link to your work. To use this file as a vector, simply open the pdf file in Adobe Illustrator.

Fifties Wallpaper Pattern by AssEyeDee

European Art Deco Floral Pattern

Included in this download are two wonderful art deco floral vector patterns. They are compatible with Adobe Illustrator 8 and up and were created by These high resolution files are free for both personal and commercial use in your designs.

European Art Deco Floral Vector Background Pattern

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