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It's been a while since we've featured a cartography related post and it couldn't get any better to make a comeback with this -to say the least- impressive map of NYC. Jenni Sparks is the illustrator behind this project whose main interest and specialty is hand drawn type. I can't even fathom how much work was put into this particular map, but just taking a look at the density of the city will give you an idea of the amount of details that was required to complete it. The different neighborhoods are marked with drawn type and the entirety of the island is covered with tiny buildings in all forms and shapes, as well as the city's most important landmarks. The colorful metro lines are also displayed as they cross from one extreme to the other, giving the map an extra dimension, leaving no detail behind. The final result is an organic looking map that will get you interested at first glance, while the meticulous work to illustrate every single thing will keep you coming back to discover more drawn details.

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You can purchase a print over here, a perfect gift for NYC lovers and cartography enthusiasts.

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