Graphic design love: Minimalistic movie posters

Design & Style

One of the most popular trends in the graphic design and illustration world for the past time is the minimalistic look. It only takes a quick look around on tumblr or other graphic design resources websites to realize how much great work in this style there's out there. A lot of them focus on minimalistic movie posters, which is a great challenge for designers for they must be simple yet understandable. BrickHut is a designer that has some great work in this style, not only focusing in movie posters but also in other pop culture elements.



But I have to say my favourite finding of the day are these brilliant Indiana Jones franchise movie posters which I'm sure other fans would love as well. These ones combine the simplicity of a shape but at the same time combining lots of elements that end up forming the overall design. Maybe the hardcore Indiana Jones fans can figure out all the reference in the little details that the designer Maxime Precourt put together for our viewing pleasure.


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