Graphic Design News: London Olympics Tickets Are Here!

Industry News

With the imminent start of the London Olympic Games the final details are starting to come up. This time it's the official release of the tickets for the event, an interesting design that comes to accompany the already controversial visual identity of the games. Nevertheless, nobody can deny that the Olympics do have a very distinct look this year and to be honest, it might just make sense once we can see the entirety of it all (let's wait and see).The criteria for the tickets is based on color choices related to each venue along the correspondent pictogram associated to the sport event. (You can check out a review of the pictograms here)

All the fundamental information has been brilliantly designed to maximize the clarity of the message. It's been arranged to have it's proper white space without coming out too bland. The pictograms and venue icons serve as a visual aid and belong to an international visual language that doesn't require translation.  This sobriety is a big contrast to the colorful and vibrant area of the ticket, where abstract geometrical shapes in each different color scheme serve as background to a more eclectic version of the sport's pictogram, one that is translated into a the modern and dynamic style- the almost punk-rock look that follows the style with the Olympics logo.


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