Graphic design resources: Diagrammer

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We've all probably had to stand a boring powerpoint presentation or two, and more often than not the design plays against any content they're trying to present (probably thanks to the use of clipart images). Now thanks to Duarte Design, Powerpointers of the world can find more attractive design resources for their presentations in their recently launched Diagrammer. Basically, they have an extensive catalog with about 4000 charts that you can choose from five different categories: flow, join, network, segment and stack. The concept behind this idea is to have a more cohesive visual flow for presentations and also trying to avoid the malpractices that are so usual in Powerpoint presentations, such as too much text or irrelevant images, etc. The navigation in their catalog might be a bit confusing, but you can browse through the different categories and sub-concepts to find the most suitable chart. It's a great initiative and immensely helpful for people who are stuck with lame graphic solutions.




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