Great Branding: Subway's new identity

Logo & Brand review

Subway's iconic image got a new look! French designer Adrien Genevard worked on this update of Subway's brand, coming up with a more modern style by the use of simple elements. The results are a much younger look using a mix of vibrant colours and trendier fonts. The also famous logo got a design change, replacing the tilted font to a straight one alluding to the bread sizes they sale instead of the 'train' concept they were working with before.

As for the rest of the brand, the design makeover focused a lot more on the dynamic of the product preparation by explaining in a more visual way the flow of purchase in the different stages. The overall plan is put into a subway-map form, where each station is shown as a tube line with the different options- classification that is also executed individually for each station with graphic distinctions. Every one of this steps is differentiated by colour and an icon following the general visual course. The fonts used are a clear reflection of today's trends, using a retro looking serif font combined with various ornaments resembling old school signs. I'd say that it's a nice new look for Subway, the rebranding achieved to make the brand more 'youthful' and concise, so let's hope this new image catches on the remaining restaurants!


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