Great Design review: The Green Standard

Logo & Brand review

With the rise of organic food and non-processed products in the market, many brands are embracing contemporary style designs to boost up their identity and stand out from the crowd. The Green Standard is a new Russian network of high-quality grocery stores offering fresh, pure organic farm products and providing excellent service and consumer comfort combined with attractive prices. The whole concept of the brand requires of a modern, fresh and approachable look, which has been the go-to style for this kind of business.

The outcome of this brand launch is a vibrant image that is certainly eye-catching and modern. The logo is the form of an apple slice that evokes the sense of freshness of their products, and the rest of the overall brand image stays true to the organic- natural look. From the basic logo, its different applications, the wrapping paper details and to the interior design of their stores, every little detail has been carefully thought of and stay faithful to their natural look premise. It's definitely a beautiful project that is also a nice example of simple yet thoroughly developed branding.

Sources: 1 (english version), 2 (russian)

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