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This is a rebrand project created by Designers Anonymous, a London-based design studio. The Tomato Stall is a little known grower of specialty tomatoes on the Isle of Wright in the UK. Why are these tomatoes so special? Their tomatoes are grown with an increased amount of sunshine on the southern English Isle of Wright making them taste fresher and better than most tomatoes on the market today. From their delicious tomatoes, they create lovely artisanal products that they sell in shops, delis and at markets stalls throughout the UK.

The Tomato Stall packaging and rebrand

The Tomato Stall rebrand packs a huge punch. The new branding is unique and eye-catching. Its artisanal flavor is well represented with its wine-inspired typography, its retro-style illustrations and its rustic feel. Overall, the new Tomato Stall logo, branding and packaging feels very hand-crafty which suits the goals, nature and style of their brand very well.

The Tomatoes Stall Typography The Tomatoes Stall Typography

Their product will now have strong appeal with ‘sophisticated foodies’, as was one of the primary aims of this whole rebranding projects as outlined by the Tomato Stall grower. Their new packaging definitely conveys the quality of their product, the uniqueness of their brand and the overall importance of the grower’s farm to production relationship.

The Tomato Stall Crate Packaging The Tomato Stall Crate Packaging

The new Tomato Stall color scheme is excellent. Their choice of the reds and yellows from their ripe tomatoes and sunshine contrasted with the earthy brown typography really gives the customer the idea that they are buying something from a farmer that has a real connection to the earth and whole-hearted natural values. The yellows and reds throughout their branding are very bright and I love how they are accented by illustrations of sunbeams, vines, bees and birds. All of this together really acts to accentuate their heritage as well as the idea that they are selling farm-fresh tomatoes that have been grown with a distinct splash of sunshine.

I also really like how they use a bold, uppercase serif font in their logo to sharply contrast their decorative vine-like script font.  And, I love their simple and yet very effective tag line: ‘More Sunshine More Taste’. Overall, this new packaging design really has a very premium and sophisticated look and feel.

Logo font Serif logo font
The Tomato Stall website The Tomato Stall website

Well done Designers Anonymous!

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