Great logo design: IDA Congress visual identity

Logo Templates

Pentagram designed the visual identity for the IDA Congress, which is the primary event for dialogue between designers and stakeholders of design in a summit format. The aim of the IDA Congress is to- bring together the unified voice of designers around the world in a themed framework to advance the vision and mission of the IDA, by exploring and realising the benefits of design in a variety of fields with a stake in design, such as government (commerce, trade, culture etc.), INGOs, business, science and technology, education or social sciences (ethnography, sociology etc.).

The idea behind the logo resides in the recreation of Pangea, the original mega continent from which the current geography evolved from. So taking this in mid, they took the silhouettes of the populated continents and merged them into a new Pangea as a way to represent the convergence of the different participants. From afar the logo looks like an abstract form but it is in a closer scale that you can see the details of the continents merging. Pretty clever design with a clean minimalistic style.

Also at the source you can find a very interesting video of the evolution of Pangea into the world's current geography. It's really awesome to see how the planet is a living and ever changing form.


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