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Big companies usually have great logos that precede their name. Most people can identify a brand just by having a glimpse of the logo and that's one of the reasons that good design plays a big part in the success of it. Let's take a look at some of the most memorable logos and how they came to become such successful designs. Let's take a look at how some of today's most popular brands evolved from their initial logotypes to the ones we know today.


The biggest search engine today started with a quiet release. Simplicity has always been google's way to go as far as their design, what else do you need in a search engine besides a search bar and white background? Well, their start logo was fairly simple and until today they keep the same concept but have also implemented featured modifications in commemoration of certain subjects. It's something that makes people look forward to what modification is going to be next! And as a side note, the developers of google mail confessed the logo for that branch was designed the night before its release, so I guess last minute inspirations happen to even the best in business.


From it's initial design, Apple took a dramatic turn and became the emblematic logo that it is today. Their first logotype (in 1976) was a illustration of Isaac Newton sitting under a tree with an apple in his hand, but was quickly replaced by their iconic rainbow apple. The first proposal was definitely too busy and as an inventive forward thinking company, they opted for the simpler version. The bitten apple was chosen over the un-bitten one since it would look more like a tomato, and the bite would also be a nice word game with the word byte as a computer development company. With Steve Jobs' return to the company in 1997, the rainbow apple was replaced with the monochromatic grey logo that we know today, much more up to the times than its predecessor.



And to keep the subject technology related, let's take a look at how things have changed with Microsoft's logo. Their current logo is an updated version of their 1987's "Pacman" logo. The simplicity of it clashes with its early beginnings, that included more intricate fonts (groovy times anyone?) and too much detail. Since then, the Pacman logo has been perfected by adding just tiny details such as the white stroke between letters O and S and changing their tagline. It's an example of a functional logo made with just few resources such as the Helvetica Italic font used.

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