Holiday Graphic Design Inspo: Xmas Cards, Posters, Illustrations


Sitting here at my desk, staring out my window at the snow falling outside, I can't help but be overcome with excitement and good feelings as winter is upon us and Christmas is fast approaching. Knowing full well that this feeling won't last much past December, I feel compelled to pay heed to the Christmas spirit all around me and once again, showcase some fabulous Christmas graphic design works that I have come across on the internet. So here it is folks, some beautiful new Christmas designs that will hopefully inspire you and help to hurl you, if you aren't already, into Christmas mode.

Christmas cards

This lovely Christmas card design was created by Elizabeth Walmann. I love her idea of using reindeers to make a snowflake.

Christmas Card by Elizabeth Walmann

I especially love the two designs below for two reasons. One is that they steer clear of traditional holiday imagery and avoid any religious connotation what so ever. Two is that Chad J. Shaffer, the creator of these cards, cleverly uses the company logos themselves to create 2 beautiful holiday designs. Great work!

Christmas Card Design by Chad J. Shaffer

These gorgeous Christmas cards were created by Rachel Brooks. They are stunning.

Christmas Cards by Rachel Brooks

I just love this adorable Christmas card illustration by Bianca van Loon. Would you love to get one of these in the mail?

Christmas Card Illustration by Bianca van Loon

Here's another wonderful Christmas card illustration done by Jason Payne.

The Angry Snowman Christmas card by Jason Payne

This wonderful Christmas card was designed by James Rachal. His design is obviously based on the classic Nutcracker.

A Nutcracker Christmas by James Rachal

This is a handmade Christmas Card/Postcard design that was created by Michael Fagan for OKAY!! OKAY!!. I love the hands on approach of his design and his alternative holiday message.

Christmas Card by Michal Fagan 1

Christmas Card by Michal Fagan 2

Christmas Card by Michal Fagan 3

Christmas Ad Campaign

This is a great Christmas Ad Campaign designed by Julie Kaye for Carpisa this year. Enjoy! It's beautiful.

Carpisa Christmas Campaign 2010-1

Carpisa Christmas Campaign 2010-2

Carpisa Christmas Campaign 2010-3

Carpisa Christmas Campaign 2010-4

Holiday Poster Design

This holiday poster design was made by Sofya Ozbozkurt for Euroset and it's partners.

Holiday Poster Design

Christmas Prints

This is a limited edition, collectible hand-pulled art print created by Axel Pfaender. It would be perfect for your house or as a gift. I love it!

Christmas Art Print by Axel Pfaender

BJØRNBOR, the House Moose

Are you looking for an alternative to your annual Christmas tree? This design idea was just so amazing that I couldn't not showcase it here. Created by Bojana Bota and Ivor Tomljanović of Croatia, it is "a multifunctional alternative to the classic christmas tree. You can decorate it with various christmas ornaments, christmas lights or personalise it however you like! It travels to your home in a practic briefcase and the setup will cost you only five minutes of your precious pre-festive time. Forget sawdust, cleaning up needles that have fallen of your tree and half-legal waste disposal at nighttime - BJØRNBOR is a clean, eco-friendly decoration that can grace your home for years." Hilarious!

BJØRNBOR the house moose

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