How to Make Logo Animation in After Effects | Ultimate Guide

A logo is a graphic image or symbol that represents your company, brand, product, or service. This is an excellent tool for communicating your brand and message in various ways. 

A great logo will become a part of your company's identity. Also, it develops an association between your company and your brand.

However, a logo animation is a graphic illustration attached to a company's logo. Creating a logo animation aims to make the brand's logo look fantastic and appealing. 

You can use it in different ways. For example, you can use a logo animation to promote a new product or introduce a new customer or product line. 

Further, it can also help you build brand awareness. Logo animations have become so popular that many people have started to use them to promote their brands.

It plays an important role in logo design. It is handy for attracting attention to the company, its products and services, and promoting a business.

Using After Effects, you will learn how to create a graphic movement.

How to Make Logo Animation in After Effects — Easy to Follow Steps

Do you want to make an Animated Logo in After Effects but need clarification about what to do? First, you must learn basic After Effects skills to create your logo animations.

Adobe After Effects is a professional and powerful animation software. It is suitable for creating any type of animation video. For example, you can use this tool to create some unique effects, and also you can use it to create a 2D and 3D Logo animation.

Let us check some of the basic tutorials that you need to follow while creating brand motion in After Effects:

Step 1 – Create a New Composition

The first step is to create a new composition, so you need to click on File > New to create a new composition. You can also make your new composition as a preset by clicking on Edit > Presets > New Preset.

Step 2 – Change the View

Now click on View > Camera to view your video as a camera view.

Step 3 – Place the Object

Place the logo into your composition and arrange it.

Step 4 – Import an Image

Click on File > Import > Image. Please select where you want to save the image and import it.

Step 5 – Add a Video Track

To make a video track, click on Effect > Video. A new panel will open where you can select the video file. You can also add the audio track by clicking on Effect > Audio.

Step 6 – Make a Mask

Click on the Mask icon in the panel's top right corner and drag the green mask to cover the entire logo. Now you can see a black background behind the logo.

Step 7 – Create a New Layer

By clicking Layer > New > Layer, you can create a new layer.

Step 8 – Select the Entire Logo

Click on the mask icon and select the entire logo.

Step 9 – Add an Effect

Click on Effect > Motion > Dissolve. Set the dissolve settings and also set the duration of the dissolve. 10 seconds is a good setting.

Step 10 – Add a Text

Drag the text icon from the bottom left corner of the panel and place it at the bottom of the screen. You can change the font design and size.

Step 11 – Add a Mask

To hide the text from the entire composition, click on the panel's mask icon in the top right corner. Masking the text is also an option.

Step 12 – Adjust the Color

Click on the color icon from the bottom right corner of the panel and then select the color you want.

Step 13 – Add a Title

From the panel's bottom left, click the text icon and select the text from the font family you want. Then click on the title button from the bottom right corner of the panel.

Step 14 – Add a Transition

Click on the animation icon from the bottom left corner of the panel and select the transition you want.

Step 15 – Adjust the Speed

You can control the speed of your logo.

Benefits of Logo Animation

Animation is the art of movement. It has been widely used in films and TV serials to tell the story to the audience and convey emotions to the viewers.

More so, it is an excellent way to express your thoughts and feelings to your target audience by making your Business known to the target customers.

In today's time, the web designing industry is growing tremendously. There are various benefits of brand animation like

Increase Brand Awareness

You can use the logo animation to create a unique identity for the brand. Your emblem animation should be exciting and catchy to grab your customers' attention.

Creates Impact

Logo emulation can impact and help build a strong brand identity. The animated image increases your brand's visibility and makes it memorable to the target audience.

Helps in Branding

In today's time, people prefer animated logos because it helps to increase brand recognition. The animated graphic is different from the static image and positively impacts the brand.

Differentiates from Competitors

Animated logos have a distinctive look that differentiates the company from its competitors. It is possible to enhance the customer success process and increase customer loyalty by animating your brand.

Promote Your Products

Animated logos can help to promote your products. The animated design attracts customers and increases customer engagement.

Over to You

In this post, we discussed making logo animation in After Effects. We walked you through the steps involved in creating a brand sequence, and we showed you how to add some special effects to make your animation stand out from the crowd.


1. What is the best software for making logo animation in After Effects?

The best software for making a brand motion in After Effects is Adobe After Effects. You can create various types of animations with this powerful and easy-to-use software.

2. How do I make a brand animation in After Effects?

First, you should create a new composition in After Effects in order to make a logo movement. Then, you can add various elements to your composition, such as text, shapes, and videos.

3. When it comes to After Effects, how long does it take to create a logo transition?

Making a logo animation in After Effects takes a lot of time. It takes about a day to make a simple logo animation and about a week to make a complex one.

4. Is there a better way to animate icons in After Effects?

The best way to make a brand animation in After Effects is to use the shape tools to create a basic shape and add more elements

5. After Effects graphic animations require how many people?

In After Effects, you need about 1 people who know how to make logo animations.

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