Identity Design: Anonymous

Design & Style

If you're an active user of the internet, it's more than likely that you've heard about Anonymous and what they're all about. Danish graphic designer Mads Jakob Poulsen asked himself what would be the results if Anonymous would go corporate and came up with a visual identity mock-up for it. The first element to approach is the 'brand', and how the global-anonimity that gives life to this underground activist group can be translated into a simple logo. The logotype/mark is anti-authoritative and obviously completely illegible to stick with the roots of the anarchistic group.

As for the fonts chosen, Poulsen went for Helvetica's not-so-hip cousin Arial with the purpose of rebelling against it. As for the other elements, a friendly and polite approach appears on the greeting cards, accordingly to the usual tone of the group.  Colors are used minimally for optimal effect and focus on content and logo, and there's a small wink to the copyright principles with the iconic symbol turned the other way around. Could you see Anonymous going corporate?



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