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Every now and then, I come across someone's design work that seems to strike a special chord with me. Something about their work draws me in and holds me there for a second. The hectic world around me seems to stop. Their work makes me question, it makes me think and makes me look at the world just a little bit differently than I did the day before. It happens to me most often work with that appeals to my inner self on multiple levels.

The fabulous work of Verónica Martínez does just that.

Verónica Martínez is a very talented Spanish designer that specializes in furniture and lighting design. What makes her work so special and unique is how it is inspired by and seems to almost communicate with nature. It brings something back to the design table that has been forgotten by so many of today's designers.

Each of her beautiful designs starts with the simple process of observing the natural world around her. Slowly, each of her designs takes shape and transforms into a wonderful piece of art and a gorgeous piece of design that fits within our ideals of form and function. Verónica possesses a remarkable capacity to translate the natural world around us into her ideas and designs that captivate the end buyer. Verónica's original aesthetics and process seem to bring us all back to nature, to remind us of its beauty, its mystery and its graceful curves and lines.

"The union between functionality and aesthetics is the primary basis for all my designs. I want to bring a new vision of the concept of product design and present them more as sculptures inspired by nature, adding innovation to use and form, thus making the product durable, sexy, useful and with a longer life than one season. I want to change the environment where we live in, to make it closer to nature through its forms."

Below are some examples of her work. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I have. If you would like what you see here and want to see more or learn more about her inspirations, visit her website

WAVE surface lighting

Wave by Veronica Martinez 1

"WAVE surface lighting design for indoors and outdoors, to be used in private or public spaces. Wave can be used alone or in a group, vertical or horizontal, on walls or ceilings. Wave gives a sensation of a continuous surface which seem to move and creates ambient light."

Wave by Veronica Martinez 2

Wave by Veronica Martinez 3


I love the way that Verónica has transformed the classical swing into something that is stunning, beautiful and virtually impossible to resist sitting on.

Autumn Leaf Swing 1

Autumn Leaf Swing 2

Autumn Leaf Swing 3

ALBA outdoors furniture

This piece kind of sums up perfectly exactly why I love Verónica's work so much. On her website, this design is prefaced by a small picture of light shining through a window casting its shadows brilliantly on both the floor and walls. The phrase "In praise of shadows" is written to the left. It's a beautiful image and perfectly sets the tone for her designs below.  You can see what inspired her to create these pieces and how Verónica's creations are not just designs but beautiful pieces of art.

ALBA outdoor furniture 1

"ALBA wants to praise the shadow through the elegance of the lattice used, by its forms and the practicality of its structure, being all the furniture stackable."

ALBA outdoor furniture 2

ALBA outdoor furniture 3

I'd like to leave you with Verónica Martínez's manifesto. I think that it is a lovely little reminder about life, our dreams, our passion and all that is important to each and every one of us.

manifesto veronica martinez

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