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James White of Signalnoise, is in Montreal tonight, giving a design lecture at Concordia University. He is joined by Fabio Sasso from Abduzeedo. White has been featured in many worldwide creative publications, including Computer Arts magazine, Computer Arts Projects, Advanced Photoshop magazine, Wired UK and the Spanish DT Platinum magazine where he was included in their ‘21 People of the Century’ article. He is a digital artist and graphic designer living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

With ten years of experience, James has worked on an array of personal art projects and with clients including Toyota, VH1, Armada Skis, Red Bulletin, and Wired Magazine, to name a few.

He also makes amazing wallpapers for your iPhone. Check them out.


james white iPhone wallpaper

tronlegacy iphone wallpaper3

signalnoise iphone wallpaper4

james white iphone wallpaper 5

tron daft punk iphone wallpaper 6

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