Industry News: New Apple Logo?

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In the past iPad launch conference, the presentation ended with a different version of the Apple logo that we know today. This new version apparently wants to go back to the rainbow-striped look that they had back in the day, only with a different display. It might be inspired by the iPad's new super high screen resolution, in a way to showcase their new screen technology. But what about the appliances for this logo?

First of all, it takes a gigantic leap from their classic image, leaving behind their modern-minimalistic-chrome look. Second of all, if this logo is actually going to be Apple's new thing, does this mean we're gonna get a re-launch of the coloured i-Macs? All things aside, I'm not quite sure if this new version will actually work well for the different applications, the way the colours are merged is not quite 'clean' as one would expect from Apple and the results it would have on different surfaces -either screen or print- might vary considerably. In any case, Apple hasn't announced if this is going to be their official new image, so we'll have to wait and see. For all that it's worth, I think the white version against the coloured background matches a lot better to the Apple identity.



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