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The internet is a designers dream, a virtual playland, a tantalizing maze of untainted treasures. An extension of our beautiful world into a vast abyss of the unknown. A magical world of astonishing and majestic beauty. A land where ideas and inspiration abound. Stumbling through the internet shows you just what we are made of, what is possible and just what in housed in the deepest corners of the human psyche. It is a world of discovery where you never know what might just be lurking around the next turn.

As a designer myself, there are a few sites that I absolutely love and constantly go to for inspiration. Of course, there are the classics such as ffffound, Trend Hunter and the Cool Hunter. Then of course, there are also an abundance of designer specific websites such as Smashing Magazinepsdtuts+, abduzeedo and so many more. Everyone has there favourites and there are thousands upon thousands to choose from. One of my personal favourites these days is Behance. If you haven't heard of it, visit it now and watch as your eyes slowly gloss over and the next four hours of your life melt into one. Showcasing the work of millions of the world's best design professionals, Behance is an awe-inspiring site filled with art, illustration, design and everything alike.

Just to spark your interest, here are just a few of the amazing design masterpieces to discover on Behance.

Peter Jaworowski

Peter Jaworowski is an amazing Polish designer that is a partner of the Warsaw-based creative agency, Ars Thanea. He has worked with some of the world's most heavy hitting brands such as Nike, Discovery Channel, Ubisoft, Nokia, Visa & Nissan.

Peter Jaworowski on Behance 1

Peter Jaworowski on Behance 2

Peter Jaworowski on Behance 3


Lichtfaktor is a collective of artists that "use light to give expression to their creativity". Based out of Cologne, Germany, this collective has worked with some big names.

Lichtfaktor: Looking for Illumination

Lichtfaktor: Looking for Illumination 2

TalkTalk Brighter from LICHTFAKTOR on Vimeo.

Adolfo Correa

A Chilean designer, Adolfo Correa specializes in digital art, illustration and typography.

Adolfo Correa 1

Adolfo Correa 2

Adolfo Correa 3

Luke Lucas

Luke Lucas is an Australian typography genius that does unimaginable things with type.

Luke Lucas on Behance 1

Luke Lucas on Behance 2

Luke Lucas on Behance 3

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