Inspired design, Alfa Romeo Giulietta

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If there was a car company that set the benchmark for timeless design, it would be Alfa Romeo. Giulietta, their latest release, continues that tradition of excellent design to the teeth.

Auto enthusiast and art curators have always argued that most Alfa Romeo designs would feel comfortable in modern art galleries.  At a time where we cant differentiate between one car maker from another, Alfa romeo seems to very easily create a stunning design without borrowing or stealing from other car makers.

Why is it that other company makers don't want to follow Alfa Romeo's lead of creating something original, Something different, is it financially motivated to create something safe or their designers don't have any new ideas? of course it never helps to have a committee who votes what gets built, who don't usually have any clue about good design, and accept a familiar concept and wait and see if other designers come up with successful design, then just copy what works.

Well, we are just glad to see a company like Alfa Romeo with their artistic vision intact, take a chance on new and untested ideas and pave the way and inspire the others.



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