Interesting findings: visualized bird migrations

Design & Style

Data visualization is a complicated matter for us designers. Many times an outstanding amount of info can be difficult to translate into a readable, easy and hopefully beautiful design/infography/edition/etc. But as in every other aspect in life, the simplest solutions might be the most accurate. This is the case of this brilliant project by e-bird, a project which collects all the data of the migrating birds in the US in a year and transform them into animated gifs. The gifs are sorted out by bird species and I have to admit that they have kind of a poetic look to them, like the birds take over a vast territory, moving back and forth sort of like a moving flame (I guess the orange shades of the animation are the cause of that). The animations are classified by species and they cover the period of a whole year, it's actually very interesting to see how the different species take over specific territories. It's definitely some pretty amazing work that's worth taking a look at.


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