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The design industry is constantly evolving and furniture design is no exception to this rule. With the world population reaching nearly 7 billion people, furniture designers have been forced to adapt and evolve over time in order to accommodate the growing number of people living in small spaces. People can no longer afford large downtown apartments or condos and this has forced furniture designers to think outside the box in order to better utilize space. This has lead to the birth of a new concept in furniture design: space saving and transformable furniture.

When the concept of space saving and transformable furniture was first launched a few decades ago, the resulting designs were clumsy and their novelty quickly wore off. Thankfully, due to one Italian design company, Clei, this is not the case anymore. Clei has released a line of the most amazing space saving furniture that has revolutionized the furniture design industry. They have created a highly specialized collection of transformable furniture that is simply amazing to see in action. Each of their designs is original, modern, stylish and functional all at the same time. Their designs are innovative, built with the highest quality and the storage spaces within their designs are carefully hidden. Whether you’re looking to save space, create a minimalist vibe in your home or maybe even just about what to do with that extra room, this collection could be exactly what you have been looking for. From wall beds with built in shelving and sofas to other living room furniture, these designs are the perfect solution for any home.

Here are some pictures of Clei’s furniture designs:

Resource Furniture, Clei design,atoll 2021

Resource Furniture, Clei desing, atoll 2023

Resource Furniture, Clei design, atoll 2022

Resource Furniture, Clei desing, atoll 2024

Resource Furniture, Clei design, cabrio3

Resource Furniture, Clei design, cabrio4

Resource Furniture, Clei design, lgs3

Resource Furniture, Clei design, lgs4

Below is a video that lets you see just how these Clei designs work. In it, Resource furniture’s President, Ron Barth, talks about this incredible Clei innovation. Resource Furniture is a New York-based company, which distributes Clei’s furniture designs throughout North America.

Needless to say, I am incredibly impressed with these designs. If you aren’t a naturally organized person or if you live in a cramped city space, I think that this is an excellent solution.

What do you think? Would you put one of these designs in your home?

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