Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and BMW Sculptures

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Lexus has come up with a brilliant concept to draw attention to their new compact CT 200h vehicle. Working in collaboration with the Los Angeles-based Nondesign studios, Lexus has created a sculpture of their newest hybrid model car. Lexus’ new compact CT 200h is a luxury car with an eco-friendly twist. This sculpture was created to compliment the Lexus debate series tour called ‘Darker Side of Green’ which aims at accentuating the current debate as to whether you can truly have an eco-friendly luxury car. Cars and a greener world are not typically synonymous. Lexus’ intends to use this sculpture to help bridge the gap between this two contradictory topics.

The Lexus sculpture is titled CT Umbra and it was created using a CAD map of their CT 200h vehicle. The sculpture consists of 2,500 half-inch anodized aluminum bars where each end of each rod is painted a different colour. This gives viewers a stunning visual effect. Depending on where the viewer is standing, the sculpture changes colours from gold to green and to blue.

Lexus Sculpture 1

Lexus Sculpture 2

Lexus Sculpture 3

I think that this is an absolutely beautiful sculpture that was obviously crafted with much care and attention to detail. Mercedes-Benz and BMW have also created similar sculptures in the past. Mercedes-Benz introduced the Mercedes sculpture Vehicle Class Mercedes-Benz CLK which aimed to accentuate the quality of car design and their vision toward the future (pictured below).

Mercedes Benz Sculpture

BMW also created the remarkable Kinetic sculpture which is housed in the BMW Museum in Munich (pictured below). The kinetic sculpture is a 7-minute long narrative between 714 hanging metallic spheres. BMW’s sculpture emphasizes “the process of form-finding in art and design”. All of these three sculptures are beautiful pieces of art that clearly demonstrate the car industries are continually striving for growth, excellence  and innovation.

BMW Kinetik Sculpture

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