10 Logo Color Combinations Ideas - Combinations For Branded Logos

Successful companies have great logos to help them stand out. It’s a simple fact, but it still bears repeating. Your logo should be designed with care.

In addition, a logo is arguably the most important element of a brand; it’s the face of your company and your company’s voice. It needs to be memorable, yet professional enough for the target audience. Nevertheless, designing a memorable logo color scheme can be challenging.

When choosing colors for your logo, it’s important to keep in mind what colors you’ll use in other parts of your design—such as website fonts, brand colors, background images, and button colors.

When it comes to designing a logo, choosing the right color scheme can be challenging. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of great logo designs that have been created using only one or two colors. Therefore, you must choose your colors carefully. With the right color combination, you’ll be able to create a logo that truly stands out from the rest.

10 Amazing Logo Color Combinations Ideas

I’m going to show you some creative ways to spice up the color scheme of your logo. Whether you have an established brand or are just starting your career, there are some ways that you can add some flare to your logo. Let’s take a look at some Logo Ideas and different ways to incorporate color into your brand.

1. Grey and Blue: Professional and Fun

Grey and Blue is one of the most popular combinations used in the design of business logos. This combination is associated with the business world, but it can also look great in other fields such as fashion. Many designers tend to gravitate towards the grey and blue combination. It creates a certain amount of contrast between the black and the white. 

Moreover, black look dark while the white looks light. You can add a splash of color to this combination by choosing a different shade of blue. You can also use a deep red. You don't have to worry about overusing the colors because the greyscale will balance out the colors.

Grey and Blue are good options for a corporate brand because they convey power and authority. They look professional and they are easily recognizable. A combination like this can benefit a wide range of businesses. Businesses that sell items that are needed, such as food, healthcare, and cleaning services, can use this combination. 

2. Orange and White: Summery and Energetic

Orange and White is another common type of logo design that business owners can use. An energy drink company uses this logo. They may be selling energy drinks for people that work in outdoor activities. These people may need a drink that is energizing during the hot summer months. 

Using orange and white will help your logo to be very distinctive and easy to recognize. If you want to use this style of a logo, it would be best to use a lighter shade of orange. You can use a shade of yellow and white instead of using orange and white. It can be a similar effect.

An extremely fresh and eye-catching design. You can use these two colors for a logo that is all about the summertime. Your logo will be more memorable this way. It will look attractive and bold. 

3. White and Red: Classic and Bold

White and Red logo designs are the most popular choices for a logo. They look beautiful and easy to read. You can use the combination of red and white to create a logo that is classic and bold. It is possible to make your logo look more appealing by combining red and white. The colors can create a contrast that is very effective. 

Coke's logo, is a classic and bold design. It is white and red. The logo has a simple, clear structure. The white background gives it a nice appearance. A logo that uses just two colors is called monochrome. It is very easy to create a monochrome logo. 

4. Yellow and Green: Friendly and Cheerful

These colors are used to make logos that represent something friendly and cheerful. In order to create a logo that is friendly and cheerful, you will need to use these colors. It is most common to use yellow and green together.

You will need to use these colors in order to create a logo that is friendly and cheerful. Yellow and green are a combination of colors that are friendly and cheerful.

5.  Black and Gold: Strong and Class

You are going to get a solid product that is classy. When you want to design something that is solid and classy, you should use this type of color for your logo. Using this combination of colors will give you the desired look.

Moreover, combining black and gold will give you a lovely look. Black is the best color to use when designing a strong and classy logo. Use gold in your logo as well. You will get a nice, strong look when using black and gold in your logo. Creating a classy and powerful logo will be easy for you.

A company that sells luxury items can use this logo to promote itself. A logo that uses these colors is very distinctive. It can attract people to the brand and attract customers.

6. Orange and Blue: Creativity

Without creativity, it would be impossible to develop new ideas. Creativity is one factor that makes a brand stand out from others. Among the companies that use creativity is Nike. They use a creative design on their shoes. This type of design can help attract customers to the brand. 

Some other companies that use creativity are Apple, Disney, Mcdonald's, Microsoft and Azure. The brand identity of these companies is very distinct and unique. They each have their own style that has been created over the years. You should always be innovative. Staying up-to-date with industry trends is important. It is important to come up with new designs on a regular basis. Nowadays, you can even easily and quickly generate brochures with an AI brochure maker while saving time. 

Furthermore, if you want to be creative, you should consider making use of the color orange. It's fun and different. Orange can make your products and services look fresh and appealing. You can also make use of this color in the design of your website, business cards, flyers, and brochures. 

7. Black and White: Power

Power is the ability to influence, lead, and change others. This color can make people look more powerful than usual. The color black can make you appear more powerful. If you work in the marketing industry, you can use this color in your advertising campaigns and promotions.

You can make sure that people notice the color when you promote your business. Black and white can also make people look more powerful and intimidating. If you want to make your company look more powerful, you should consider using these colors.

Moreover, a black and white logo may be perfect for you. If you are thinking about creating your own website or business card, you can choose a black-and-white template. 

8. Red and Purple: Vibrant and Eye-Catching

The color red can be very eye-catching. On the other hand, the color purple has a calming effect on people. You should include this combination if you are marketing some products intended to calm people. These two colors can be used to attract the attention of people and to make your business stand out. 

If you support animal rights, you may also choose these colors. The color red reminds people of blood, which is one of the main ingredients in most meat. That's why people usually avoid eating meat if they think it was killed in a cruel way.

Moreover, many logos use these colors because they are both strong and attractive. Red also has the ability to stand out. In this way, you can demonstrate your concern for people and animals. You might use the combination of red and purple if you are marketing products that are intended to calm people. You can make your logo look vibrant and eye-catching by using this combination.

9. Blue and Green: Bold and Modern

A combination like this will give you a bold and exciting look. You can use this combination on your website, on your social media page, and on your packaging.

Furthermore, they can also set your brand apart from others in the market. When developing your company's brand identity, you can take advantage of this combination.

With this combination, you will be able to make your logo stand out, and will help you to attract the attention of customers. Using a bold logo can help you to promote your brand. A logo with a strong, bold impression will help your customers know that they have found the right company.

10. Pink and Orange: Feminine and Happy

It has bright, vibrant shades that are easy on the eyes. It creates a welcoming environment. This color scheme would make your brand look more feminine and happy. As a result, this combination will attract female customers, who will be drawn to it. 

You can use this combination for a logo that will add pizzazz to your logo. It will help to bring out your brand's personality. A feminine logo can be very appealing to consumers. In addition, this combination is feminine and happy, which is an indication of confidence and creativity.


In conclusion, it’s important to remember that the right color combination can add power to your logo, which in turn can impact the success of your branding. So, the next time you’re brainstorming ideas for your next logo, don’t forget to consider the power of the color combination, too.

This article can be helpful in creating the identity of your company. Once you have decided on a new logo design, you will have to go through different stages. Here are some cool, Professional Logo Designs you can use to inspire your own logo design.


How many colors can I use for my logo? 

There are no rules regarding how many colors you can use in your logo.

Is it mandatory to use the same colors when designing a logo?

No, you don't have to.

What's the difference between a color wheel and a color palette? 

A color wheel is divided into primary and secondary colors. A color palette has all the colors you need to create a design.

How do I choose colors?

Designing a logo requires choosing colors that complement each other. Color schemes that use one color are considered monochromatic.

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