Logo Design: a tentative re-design for Wikipedia

Design & Style

Viewpoint Magazine invited 5 different design studios to create a hypothetical re-branding of a world-renowned brand: Wikipedia. Among the participants is agency Moving Labs, who created a clean cut and modern revision of the online encyclopedia, one of the 10 most visited websites. Their proposal includes the re-design not only of the main Wikipedia site, but also their other affiliate websites as a part of creating a sole community reunited under the same brand, Wikimedia.

The main focus of the new corporate image revolves around the iconic W with a new stylized minimal look; the logo itself is created based 7 nodes -as they've called them, that create a different version of the logo according to the article that's been revised. This way you have different interpretations of the main figure depending to the related topics, which reflects their intention of a transversal identity throughout the entire community.

As far as the applications of the logo goes, I specially love the re-design of the website itself. The new look is a cleaner layout version of the site that also refers to the general theme. It's definitely a brilliant branding project and a great inspiration source for logo designers looking to create a strong and cohesive brand.


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