Logo Design News: I Love NY Logo Gets a Makeover

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NYC's trademark I Love NY logo is getting an update! The city governor Andrew Cuomo called all residents and tourists to come up with a proposal to modify the original logo. Created by Milton Glaser in the 1970's with the purpose to boost the city's touristic identity, it's been ever since one of the most iconic and recognizable logos in the world being used in pretty much every touristy souvenir out there.

The reasoning behind the change? The classic slogan has been used by numerous other cities, taking the originality out of it. International agency BBDO is the one behind the campaign, and they explain the campaign as follows :

"If you go to Russia, if you go to Spain, you see 'I heart something' and it's lost its New York cachet. My team's assignment was to bring new cachet back to that logo and make it mean something important."

The results are eclectic as expected; everyone has their own version or appreciation of the city, so the proposed logos might be reaching too far. It's an interesting campaign that aims to reclaim the originality of the city, and how to take such an established icon in a different direction. Glaser, the original logo designer said: “I saw one that said ‘I Pizza NY’. I don’t get it.”

What do you think?


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