Logo Design: Thoughts on logos by a 5 year old girl


Adam Ladd is a graphic designer that focuses mostly on logo design. His name became popular among the internet/design world when he created a couple of videos featuring his daughter's thoughts and perceptions on familiar logos. This approach has come as a breath of fresh air, as the opinion of a little girl could not be any 'purer' sort of speak- a vision on design that most of us adults have compromised over years and years of stored visual information.

What's interesting of this experiment is the video where she's asked to re-draw a logo by memory, an exercise that should be taken in consideration as a way of discerning what it really is that makes a design memorable. It also reminds us of not forgetting our child-perception of the world, the ability to be constantly surprised by what surrounds as and makes it possible to approach design with a fresh mindset.


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