Making of the Main Street Mint 3D Logo Project

Main Street logo 3D Rendering

A client contacted us to create a 3d version of the Main Street logo. The logo was provided as a vector file seen below. Even though this freshly designed logo was a new design, the challenge was to create a 3d version that looks dated and historic looking. Usually this is not what our clients approach us to create. We normally get asked to make the shiniest, most reflective 3d logo icon possible, but after a phone call with the client and fully understanding what was needed, we assured the client that we were the right team for this project and know exactly what was necessary. We knew exactly the right textures and colors to apply to create that worn-out dated look.


Main street logo vector file

This is the original vector logo that was presented to us to work with.

This logo had all sorts of detail challenges to address; no two sections were the same, each section had to be thought out and created and details set according to the shape's needs. The consistency that is seen here was not automatically created or simple to create. It took a lot of time to give it a cohesive look.

Main Street logo original 3D model

Step One: Creating the 3D model

The 3D model seen above is the final 3d logo model without any textures applied to it, just lighting and shadows to test how the final 3D logo will be looking. We had to make sure not to make the 3d logo too sharp and newly built. The model needed minor imperfections and worn-out rounded-off edges to give more realistic feel. We even kept in mind how an old metal sign would look and mimicked some of those characteristics as well.

Main Street logo 3D clean logo

Step Two: Applying color and textures

Here is an example of basic color and texture applied to the model. The 3D logo comes in 2 colors, frosted silver for the light parts and matt black for the dark. Although the logo looks nice and sharp, this looks too clean to show the aged look we are trying to achieve, the logo needed to look like it's been worn throughout the years.


Main Street logo with dents and scratches

Step three: Adding Dents and Scratches to the 3D logo

To give an aged look to the 3D logo, we needed to add some dents and scratches to both the silver and iron parts. We found some exciting textures that are applied overall to the logo and scratches applied randomly to different places on the model. However, after applying these new layers of textures, we were still not satisfied with the overall look and feel. The 3D logo still looked too clean and not entirely realistic. In addition, too many new sections were still showing.

3D Main Street logo

Step 4: Adding additional bumps to give it a worn out look

In this final stage, we applied overall random organic bumps everywhere, which really helped with the years of battered look we were looking for. We kept the lighting very simple too, just to sure we don't create a modern effect. We added a yellow light from the bottom right side corner just to give it a little color.

Making 3D logos is never a simple one-step project. Its layers of work, it is time consuming but an extremely versatile way of working. We do not use photoshop style or effects to create these designs, photoshop can be limiting. Everything is built in 3D modelling software. If the client asks us to render the logo from another angle, we just set up the camera from another angle and check and reset the lighting to make sure the model is sufficiently lit and render a new file. The reason why it's not an option for us to create a 3d logo in photoshop because if the client wants to have another rendering of the logo from another angle, it would be almost impossible. With 3D, we can rotate and render any resolution at any point. We can also animate the logo if further down the line the client needs it for a Multimedia presentation, a Tv commercial, PowerPoint slides, or a gif animation for the website.

If you have a 3D logo project, please contact us and speak with the designer directly for an honest evaluation. We don't recommend making any logo in 3D. We advise you first and let you know if making your logo in 3D would work for your project or not. To start your project, click here!




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