McCain Introduces A New Brand Identity after 50 years

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McCain, the Canadian frozen food giant, has finally rebranded itself and undergone a massive brand makeover. Founded by four brothers in 1957, the McCain brand has been using the same signature yellow-and-black-box logo for the past 50 years. Faced with new challenges and a changing market, McCain has realized that their brand needed a revamp in order to stay relevant and compete.

BrandOpus, the Australian-based branding specialist, was asked by McCain’s to take on the sensitive task of creating a new logo for McCain’s as well as new packaging design. BrandOpus was asked to make the McCain brand warmer, more fun and more noticeable in the grocer’s freezer. They were also asked to help change the public’s perception of frozen potatoes as solely being a side dish through the new branding and packaging design. In my opinion, BrandOpus faced this challenge head on.

McCain's old logo McCain's old logo
McCain's New logo McCain's New logo

The new McCain logo is fantastic and it is a drastic improvement to the old and dated McCain logo. BrandOpus did away with the signature yellow-and-black box McCain logo and instead, reinvented the brand with a new logo that incorporates sunshine with a natural landscape. This new logo really hit the mark and I love it. The rising sun and country landscape in the new McCain logo really makes the McCain brand feel more inviting, friendlier and warm. Great work!

The new packaging design by BrandOpus is also excellent. It is much brighter, modern and bold with individual product names brought to the front of the design and more emphasized on the packaging. The new packaging also uses different panel colors on the individual product bags. These two changes to McCain’s packaging design are very significant as they make it easier for McCain’s customers to identify between each of McCain’s unique potato products. BrandOpus also created new packaging images that depict McCain products in bowls. I think that this is a great way to subtly change people’s perception of McCain’s french fries. By showing potato wedges in bowls, for example, customers can see that potato wedges can also be served as snacks and not just as side dishes.

Marc Hodge, Head of Brand McCain also seems to be very pleased with the new McCain branding. According to Marc,

“The new visual identity by BrandOpus will help to segment, sign-post and simplify the McCain potato products range, and reflects our move towards a portfolio encompassing more potato meal solutions. The packaging has real stand out and the consumer response in research was very impressive.”

McCain packaging redesign McCain packaging redesign
McCain packaging redesign McCain packaging redesign
McCain packaging redesign McCain packaging redesign
McCain's new website McCain's new website

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