Nescafe’s New Logo, Branding and Visual Identity

Last month, Nescafé announced their new logo and brand identity campaign that they will be slowly rolling out globally throughout the rest of this year. Nescafé is the world’s most famous instant coffee brand and they sell their products in 180 countries around the world. Nescafé is trying to create a more unified, global look that is consistent across all of their products throughout the world. This is significant because it is the first time in 75 years that all of Nescafé’s products will share the same brand identity and slogan throughout the world.

Patrice Bula, Nestlé’s Global Head of Marketing, explains that “we live in a more globalised, social world and we realized that we needed a more unified, powerful umbrella for a brand like Nescafé - a single personality that could also be expressed differently in each country.”

Nescafé’s new visual identity was created with the new generation of coffee drinkers in mind. With coffee shops continually growing in popularity and an overall sense that instant coffee just isn’t that good, Nescafé is trying to redefine its image to its younger market. To do this, Nescafé has called their new brand identity campaign the ‘REDvolution’. They have added a new red accent to their brand name, a bright red iconic coffee mug and their new slogan now reads, “It all starts with Nescafé”.

"Nescafé is a pioneering brand,” Patrice Bula says. “We need to demonstrate that this brand is as relevant today as it was 75 years ago, with a portfolio that satisfies the changing world of coffee and evolving consumer tastes."

Old Nescafé Logo:

New Nescafé Logo:

The changes to the new Nescafé logo are very subtle. They have decided to use a new, more modern rounded sans-serif font, which is a refreshing modern change to the old and tired serif font that they have been using in their logo design for years. They have also added a more stylized red accent to the last ‘e’ in their brand name. This new accent is very much emphasized in all of their new advertising campaigns and it supposedly takes it shape from the handle of the new iconic red coffee mug.

Nescafé is also trying something new by creating and focusing a lot of its attention on a bright red coffee mug. This new mug is meant to be iconic and it will hopefully become a symbol that will be instantly recognizable throughout the world. A lot of their new advertising campaign shots take an aerial view of this iconic red mug. Some of these images are great and a fun way to bring renewed attention to the Nescafé brand.

Did it work? Have they captured your attention?

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