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Via Thisiscolossal I've noticed a trend among art installations that are shared on the web. They all have light in common, but in a dynamic way. Two of the following examples involve the application of led lights onto bodysuits -or similar- to create an illusion of bright moving silhouettes. They have been called "light sculptures" or "light paintings" and they live up to their names. It's interesting to see how light comes to life and can be seen as another active element, whether as a static one or a moving figure. Could this art trend influence in any way the next trends in graphic design?

Landscape Light Sculptures, by Barry Underwood

This installation comes to live in nature. Different forms of light overtake the landscapes, creating a whole different world that has an underlying mysticism. The intervention of forests, beaches and creeks are made with different shapes and colours, almost like organic beings interacting with their natural surroundings.


Light Paintings: Skeletons, by Janne Parviainen

How cool are these light paintings by Helsinki based artist Janne Parviainen? Unlike the previous example, Parviainen took a different approach: instead of intervening nature, he deconstructed the human body to its minimal form. The light works as a stroke that draws with simple lines the silhouettes of skeletons in different ways, from pure bright light to the combination of bright colours. Almost like a ghost-skeletons-zombie army (there's an idea for The Walking Dead writers).


Stop Motion Dance by Wrecking Crew Orchestra

And last but not least comes the work of japanese dance group Wrecking Crew Orchestra. They use a particular style that involves light drawn bodysuits combined with slick moves to create amazing videos. I really don't have much else to say other than check out their videos, the first one is an un-edited recorded performance and the other is a commercial video they made for Xperia. Enjoy!

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