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As most of our clients know, we at Pixellogo have had some of the best stationery set templates for sale for the longest time, and even though we kept getting fantastic feedback on our designs and pricing, one specific inquiry kept coming up again and again; Can Pixellogo clients purchase only the business card template from the set? This was specially true with our clients who had just established their businesses and needed only a business card rather than a full corporate identity.

This feedback from our clients gave us a great idea and along with the launch of the new Pixellogo logo template website we are very happy to announce the release of our new Business Card Designs! All Pixellogo Business card designs are fully editable and the designs themselves are fresh, trendy, with tremendously practical layouts.

Some of the designs we released include:

Pixellogo Business Card Design 3Pixellogo Business Card 3

Pixellogo Business Card Design 10Pixellogo Business Card 10

Pixellogo Business Card Design 19Pixellogo Business Card 19

Pixellogo Business Card 32Pixellogo Business Card 32

We've got thirty two more fantastic looking business card designs so visit our site and by all means do let us know your feedback on the new Pixellogo business card designs!

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