Pixellogo Template Review: Logo-1027

Logo Templates

It's been a while since our last review but things over the Pixellogo team have been busy preparing some surprises that we hope to reveal soon! This time I bring you Logo-1027, a very simple design that doesn't fall short of portraying a clear concept. The overall design resembles the shape of a 6-pointed star, each one with a dot in between the individual arrows that together form said star. One of them stands out in a vibrant shade of orange, making it the focal point of this logo.

The concept behind this logo evokes the sense of community or reunion, making it a perfect choice for community-oriented organizations and companies alike. This template combines the design with a classic serif font to portray formality and trust- key elements to consider in these situations. Remember that you can purchase your logo with personalized modifications, in a way to adapt it perfectly for your specific needs. Also, we have the respective business card design to accompany this template, making it easier to establish your brand with a consistent image. Make sure to visit our website for more updates and logo choices!

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