Project Rock logo

Some Brands are destined to become legendary and leave a memorable impression for a long time; Project Rock logo is one of them. Its success won't be just because of Rock; the wrestler turned to the actor who is a beloved figure in sports and entertainment, the brand and the logo icon will stand on their own. The Project Rock logo is a powerful design; it screams attention and gets it every time. This logo makes a bold statement in a world of swoosh and minimalist design.

Project rock logo with bull head is a powerful statement, the designers have walked a fine line in creating this logo by making sure the design does not refer to rodeo. That is not an easy thing to do since logos with bull or cow would almost automatically refer to a steak house or Rodeo sports, but somehow Project Rock logo makes its own statement, combined with its name and choice of color, the viewer is not mistake to what this logo refers to.


Project Rock logo - Black & white
Project Rock Under Armour logo

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