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Red bull Racing Logo

The Red Bull logo is a globally recognized symbol of energy and excitement. With its distinctive blue and red color scheme and iconic bull emblem, the logo is instantly recognizable and has become synonymous with the Red Bull brand.

The origins of the Red Bull logo can be traced back to the 1980s when the company was founded in Austria by Dietrich Mateschitz. Mateschitz was inspired by a popular energy drink he had discovered during a business trip to Thailand, and he set out to create a similar product for the European market.

The original RedBull logo, still in use today, features two red bulls, head to head, with the sun in the background. The bull's head is designed in a stylized cartoon-like technique, with curved lines giving it an illustrative look. The brand's name is laid in a red, bold futuristic font. In addition to its use on Red Bull's soft drink packaging and marketing materials, the logo is also featured on various branded merchandise, including clothing, accessories, red bull extreme sports, and the Formula 1 team. This has helped spread the brand's message of energy and excitement and solidify its position as a leading energy drink company. Overall, the Red Bull logo is a powerful and enduring symbol of the brand's commitment to providing consumers with an energy boost. Its distinctive look and strong association with the Red Bull brand have helped to make it one of the most recognized brands in the world.
We have always been big fans of Red Bull and Red Bull F1 Racing, so we wanted to challenge ourselves to recreate the red bull logo, modernize it and make it 3D. We loved the idea of bringing the muscles of the charging bull to life, but we wanted to avoid making it entirely realistic. We tried to keep the heroic look of a bull sculpted from a stone but, in this case, metal. The lines of the bull muscles are stylized to be sharper and less organic to bring a more fierce look.

3D Red Bull logo design step by step
The first step was simplifying and refining the red bull logo to have a more streamlined, sculpted look. We had to keep the new lines as close to the original art as possible. We analyzed every detail before redrawing it the way we reimagined it. At first glance, we wanted the logo to give the same impression as the original but slightly modernized.

RedBull 3D Logo - 3D Logo maker - Pink

The second step was building the Red bull logo 3D model. This is where the challenging part began; simplifying a line art is one thing, and creating a muscular charging bull in 3d is completely something else. We referenced real bull pictures and bull sculptures to see how muscles react to certain positions. After studying many photos and sculptures, we started simplifying the 3d model. We kept the general idea of how we would react and stylized it heavily to give that modern sleek look.

Red Bull Racing 3D logo - 3D Bull logo3D Red Bull racing Logo

RedBull logo 3D - Metal Bull logo

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