Standard Life Reveals New Logo Design

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Standard Life has changed its logo as part of a re-branding effort that will alter its “brand positioning”. This is the first time that Standard Life has altered its visual identity since 1993. Along with the new Universal NBC logo, this is another example of a company stripping down their brand image for something incredibly simple and text-based.

The “more modern, visual identity” will have the 186-year-old insurance company keep the familiar blue and yellow colors used in its older logo and it will keep the name Standard Life.

A spokesman says: “Standard Life began a major transformation process in 2010 to drive change in our business. To reflect this transformation, we are refreshing our brand positioning and we expect to engage all our key stakeholders in this new positioning in the first quarter of this year.” Chief executive David Nish says: “Our business has changed substantially in the last 12 months and will continue to transform. We have refreshed our visual identity to provide a clear outward signal of our brand repositioning and the forward thinking approach we are taking to people’s long term savings needs.”

Does this effort amongst old companies to completely simplify their logo and branding herald in a new era of corporate anti-design?

standard life new logo

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