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I love restaurants and I love eating out. Eating out at an exquisite new restaurant is one of life's most delectable pleasures that should be thoroughly enjoyed and relished. Nothing truly compares to the savory flavours that tease your every taste bud and tantalize your mouth with every luscious burst of pleasure. But, aside from a little friendly advice,  just how do we choose the restaurants that we eat at? What influences us when we are deciding to go to one restaurant over the next?

A restaurants logo design is actually a huge influence over our decision-making process and it gives us vital clues as to a restaurants ambiance, the type of food being served and even what price range we can expect. A restaurants logo design is often the first things that a new customer sees and it gives diners an immediate first impression of that establishment and what it has to offer.

Below are some restaurant logo designs that I have found along with some of my thoughts and critiques.

bistro3 restaurant logo

This minimal restaurant logo design is perfect for a classic Italian bistro. It gives you the impression that it is a classy establishment that serves up all your favourites in style. If you’re looking to save your pennies though, I wouldn’t count on this restaurant being very cheap.

julian restaurant logo design

This restaurants logo design is perfectly simple and balanced. I think that the futura font is a perfect compliment to the imagery used in the logo design. It sure looks like they serve up something special here with a lot of attention to all the tiny details.

ted montanas grill logo design

This is restaurant logo design is perfect for this Bison meat grill house. Looking at the bison image, you know exactly what you’re going to get and the classic diner font used for the ‘Ted’ eludes to the classic comfort home-style cooking that they serve. The slogan ‘Eat great. Do good’ also refers to the commitment of this restaurant as an environmentally friendly eatery.

The Rainbow room restaurant logo

This restaurant logo design oozes a classy and elegant ambiance. The food is sure to be tasty and unforgettable.  The Bondoni-like typeface gives this typographic logo design its classic touch. This dining experience is sure to be a bit on the expensive side but well worth it.

Canteen restaurant logo

The hand-written font gives this restaurant a cool and very friendly feeling. This restaurant’s logo is welcoming and they probably offer a very personal and neighbourly experience. I have no idea what type of food they might be serving though and personally, I think that their logo design looks a little dull and that it could use more colour.

nandos restaurant logo design

Right away, you know that this restaurant serves up all of the Portuguese classics. Obviously serving mostly chicken dishes, the green and the red in the logo eludes to the spiciness and freshness of their cuisine.

the Fat Duck restaurant logo

The clever use of all things duck in a restaurant logo design sure makes it pretty clear as to what you're gonna get. There is a little too much detail in this logo design and it definitely could be simplified a whole lot.

dumpling man restaurant logo design

This cute logo is perfect for a restaurant serving delicious yet cost-conscious dumplings. It looks like a fun restaurant with cheap lunch specials.

Here are a few more interesting restaurant logos that I found on the Internet:

Gondola restaurant logo design Big Oak Catering logo design

noosh food and drink restaurant logoCaramel restaurant logo design

Dana's restaurant logoHerban palate restaurant logo design

gourmet restaurant logoKinoko restaurant logo designNewcastle food and wine restaurant logo Pickin Panhandle restaurant logo design Jolly Roger catering logo design Peppeta restaurant logo design Plated restaurant logo design

Time 2 Taste restaurant logo design Gourmet restaurant logo design Soup and Pickles restaurant logo design Sele Mares Restaurant logo design unums restaurant logo design grande-provence restaurant logo design prufrocks restaurant logo design
Braudbaer restaurant logocine restaurant logo design

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