The Amazing Google Art Project

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Google Art Project is the latest announcement from the search masters, and it is an incredible one. The site takes you to a museum, offering high-resolution close-ups of approximately 1,000 works of art and tours of at least 17 museums. So far, the impressive museum roster includes the Tate Modern in London, the MoMA in New York City and the Palace of Versailles outside of Paris.

Seventeen art museums around the world allowed Google to "streetview" tours of their internal galleries, using its familiar Street View tricycles, while also doing high-res images of 1,061 artworks. Also there, you will find 17 special gigapixel images (7,000-megapixel) versions of each participating venue's most famous pieces. All of this can be seen on the newly launched Art Project web portal.

Google has integrated some of its other channels here, including Picasa for displaying the images. The information panels on each work of art will also lead to links by more art pieces by the same artists as well as related YouTube videos.

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