The Graphic, Production and Font Design of TRON: Legacy

Design & Style

Graphic designers all over the world were blown away by the poster artwork, the TRON logo design, and the set production design in the recently released sequel to TRON. The world created in the film is a modern designer's dreamscape, complete with stunning visions of a virtual landscape and mind-blowing interiors.


The film's director, Joseph Kosinski comes from an incredible design background. First at Stanford, where he took engineering, then to Columbia's architecture school, which was one of the first schools to introduce sophisticated computer programs into architecture. After graduating, he started a web-design firm and spent his down-time making fully computer generated short films. No one would have believed that this trained engineer and web designer would one day be at the helm of Tron Legacy, but his training shows itself in the fantastic production detailing of the film.

tron legacy lightcycle

So much work was put into the look and feel of this groundbreaking film, including a redesign of the LightCycle - which was the most memorable feature from the original film. The new LightCycle was designed by Daniel Simon, a German concept designer and automotive futurist most known for his visionary book Cosmic Motors.
tron font
TRON: Legacy has also sparked a renewed interest in the 80's computer aesthetic of the original film. At the time, TRON was groundbreaking in its vision of a digital world, and that was best expressed in the graphics and font of the artwork. If you are looking for a fun, and nostalgic "futuristic" space font, then download the original TRON font for free here. TRON: Legacy also has it's font available, but you have to pay for it.

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