Top 10 Rock Band Logos and the Best Music Logos of All-Time

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Rock band logos and music logos have to be among some of the most prolific logos in our society. Music is an important part of our modern lives and most of us identify strongly with the music logos that we see the most often. Remember those awesome t-shirts that you had as a kid or that you may still even have that were printed with the logo for your favourite band? Or do you remember all those music posters that you had plastered all around your room that were of your favourite bands and their logos? I certainly do and to this day, band logos and logos in the music industry continue to have a strong influence and impact on my life.

Below is my Top 10 list of the best Rock band logos of all-time. If you are in the music industry or you have a band of your own and you are looking for your next logo, check out the cool, awesome and affordable logos at

The Rolling Stones Record Logo The Rolling Stones Record Logo

1. Rolling Stones
Who does not know this incredible music logo design? The Rolling Stones logo is fantastic because it is memorable, bold and surprisingly simple. One glance at it and almost everybody instantly knows and can identify this extraordinary band logo.

ACDC band logo ACDC band logo

I absolutely love the ACDC logo. Like a lot of music logos, this logo is simple and uses great typography to be their symbol for their band. I have seen this logo adapted hundreds of times over the years because it is one of the top rock band logos of all-time.

Run DMC Logo Run DMC Logo

3. Run DMC
This is another music logo that I have also seen adapted hundreds of times over the years. I even saw it once in Chinatown in NYC and it said “DIM SUM”. Fantastic! This logo is marvelous in that it is eye-catching, impressive and memorable.

Red hot chili peppers band logo design Red hot chili peppers band logo design

4. Red Hot Chili Peppers
Urban and sassy, this logo brings back a lot of nostalgic memories of my childhood and early adult years. Minimal in style, this logo again uses bold sans-serif typography in a circular motif. Anthony Kiedis, the Red Hot Chili Peppers front man, designed this time-less band logo in 1984.

Kiss music logo Kiss music logo

5. Kiss
The band’s lead guitarist, Ace Frehley, designed this rock band logo. This music logo uses loud typography to make a bold statement. Notice anything different about the two esses? The last two letters of Kiss are two stylized lightning bolts.

Van Halen Music Logo Van Halen Music Logo

6. Van Halen
This music logo uses a more classic logo design style. With its metallic finish and its monogram font, this logo has stood the test of time. This band logo had straight wings when it was first created but in 1995, the wings were changed to the curved wings that we know now.

Blur band logo Blur band logo

7. Blur
This rock band logo differs from a lot of the other typography band logos because it is one of the few music logos that use all lowercase. Bold, fresh and playful, this logo reflects the bands fun and outrageous nature.

Daft punk band logo Daft punk band logo

8. Daft Punk
This innovative electronic band was an absolute sensation when they emerged from France over a decade ago. Their band logo perfectly mirrors their energy, their enthusiasm and the revolutionary sound that their band created.

Blackflag music logos Blackflag music logos

9. Black Flag
This iconic punk rock band has an equally iconic logo design for their band. This logo uses four black bars that have become the symbol of anarchy. Black Flag pioneered a social movement and their band logo has come to represent freedom of expression, independence and social change.

Aerosmith music logo Aerosmith music logo

10. Aerosmith
Aerosmith uses wings in its logo design, which is a common choice of imagery to represent anyone that is hard or edgy. Crossed with the ‘A’ of their name and their bands original typography, this logo is cool, raw and grungy.

What do you think? Can you think of any other exceptional rock band logos that you would like to share with me? Let me know. I would love to see your favourites.

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