Top 10 Sites for Design Freebies: Graphics, Fonts, Psds & More


The Internet is an invaluable resource these days to everyone and especially designers. Need a great font for your next logo design? Need a specific icon for your clients website? Before the Internet came around, designers used to have to create each and every individual element that they wanted to use in a design themselves. Can you imagine that? Today, with the Internet, there are thousands of valuable resources available to all designers, which has helped to drastically reduce the amount of hours each individual designer needs to spend on each project. Awesome!

Thanks to a whole bunch of good-natured and sharing conscious people, the Internet has become a vast library of resources for all of us. Of course, some of these resources aren’t free however, there are a ton of free ones out there that are just waiting to be used by you in one of your next projects. These wonderful resources can be used in your logos, business cards, stationery, websites and so much more. Thank you world and thank you for sharing!

Here is a list of the 10 Best Websites for Design Freebies. What each website offers may vary. Some of these websites offer free vectors, free fonts, free icons, free Photoshop brushes while other offer free PSD files, free background images, free wallpapers, free graphic effects and more. Keep in mind though that if you love design, you may get lost in some of these sites. They have hundreds of resources for you to look at and use that you might not be able to pull yourself from your computer to work on your next project quite as quickly as you had thought.

Freebies Jedi




Pixellogo Graphics


Graphic Burger


Creative Overflow


Fly Pixel




Font Squirrel


Freebies Gallery






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