Top 15 Photography and Photographer Logos

Photographers are artistic people and it is an absolute must for a photographer to have a stunning and impressive logo to represent their vision, their talent and their business. Their logo will be seen everywhere and it is a representation of their services, their artistic eye and their quality.

Surprisingly, photography logos vary quite a bit. Some photography logos have camera equipment in them such as lenses, cameras or tripods. Other photography logos focus on the eye or one center focal point that draw in the viewer to their logo. Still others use monograms or variations on the photographer’s initials. Whichever logo design style you choose, it is important to remember that your photography logo should be creative, simple, versatile and memorable. Keep in mind where your logo will appear such as on your website, business cards or even as a watermark behind his photos.

Here is my pick of the Top 15 Photography and Photographer Logos. Some of these logos I found on Behance while others are new and exciting logos that are still available for purchase. Click on the title links below each photo for more information about each logo.

I like how this logo incorporates the photographer’s initials and a camera lens into a trendy and hip logo design.

Cool 3D Photography Lens logo by Pixellogo for $29

Pixellogo Photography logo
This logo is very vibrant and powerful. I love how it plays with the ideas of color and the eye as a photographer’s logo.
Pupil logo, eye logo, photography | Pixellogo
Sarouen Chith Photography Logo
This is not your classic photography logo but I like how original and unique it is.

A.Van Vliet Photography
This is a very trendy and cool logo. Be careful with this one tho because it might be too trendy that it isn’t relevant anymore in a few years.

Spectrum Photo Solutions
This is a very stylish and cool 3d photography logo design. It is a classic photography logo design that has been spiced up and modernized with a 3d contemporary touch.

Photography by Frances Underwood

HSN Photography
I really like this abstract photography logo. It is a great way to do something modern and fancy with photographer’s initials.

Mosaic Photography
If you are looking for a simple and yet eye-catching photography logo design, this is it.

Diana Gordon Logo
I like how feminine and simple this logo is. It is a subtle logo that is perfect for watermarking on photos.

JDStorm Photography logo
I like how this logo is created in a vintage style.

Ashley Caroline Photography
This logo is different than most photography logos but it still works really well. It’s a great example of how far you can stretch outside of the box while still remaining relevant.

Camera Logo
This is a great photography logo for both a photographer and a photography studio. This 3d logo design is very professional, bold and perfectly fitting for the photography industry.

Wise Owl Photography
This logo is created in an illustration style that I like very much.

Moore Photography Logo
I thought that this logo warranted mention, as it is a classic photography logo design using a shutter image for impact.


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