Top Corporate Logo Redesigns of 2010

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The decision to re-design a corporate logo is a major one, since great logos define and identify corporations, and often more effectively than the company name. Perhaps the most notorious logo change of 2010 belongs to the Gap. After revealing their new logo, the Gap was hit with a backlash of epic proportions, and instead of standing behind their "more contemporary, modern" logo, Gap bent to the will of the masses, and reverted to the old logo almost immediately.

Here are a few of the major logo design changes of 2010.

girl scouts logo
The Girl Scouts of America have a wholesome, All-American brand, and with their logo change, they hoped to leverage that brand equity, yet update it for a more modern Girl Scout image. They've used a softer, lower case font but they've given it a bolder, more contemporary black color. The classic icon remains, but is moved to the upper right of the words, which gives a sense of forward motion, and mirrors the mandate of the organization.

Seattle’s Best launched an across-the-board package redesign and new logo in 2010. While the packaging is fine, we feel the logo redesign leaves a lot to be desired. The new logo mark is very simple, far more contemporary, and obviously an attempt by Seattle's Best to re-brand themselves as a company with the international clout as their largest competitor, Starbucks. Will this new logo propel Seattle's Best into the future, or is it too cold for a coffee company?

mtv logo redesign
After nearly 30 years with their classic logo, MTV unveiled a new, slightly altered logo for 2010. The new look is nothing extraordinary, although it maintains the familiarity of the brand. The company has removed the textual reference to "music" which is good, since MTV is essentially devoid of music videos, and has been for almost a decade.

google 2010 logo
In 2010, the Google logo received its first redesign since 1999. The new logo was officially launched in May of 2010. It uses the identical typeface to the previous logo, but features a distinctly orange "o" in place of the previous yellow "o", as well as a more subtle drop shadow and less 3D shading on the letters. It's subtle, but if any company embodies the phrase "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" - it's Google.

new suny logo
SUNY, the State University of New York system, made a major logo change in 2010. Abandoning the classic academic shield logo which is so often associated with post-secondary education, SUNY adopted a 3D style button logo. SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher described the new branding as part of a larger strategic initiative: “Our research must be contemporary, we must reach out to our communities through extension and we must create more accessibility,” Zimpher said. “We see that SUNY as a system can be sort of a 21st century manifestation of that engagement.”

A new year brings reflection to all business owners, as it should. Does your company logo reflect your corporate vision? When someone sees your logo, in print, or online, do they remember it? Does it stand out?

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