Typographic love: a Tribute to Typeface DIN

Design & Style

 Wonchan Lee's work has already been featured in this blog, and this time there's room for another one: A Tribute to Typeface DIN. This edition is basically a homage to the german font, showcasing it in different forms with brilliant composition. The execution of this edition focuses on the font itself, without using much elements that could distract from the main topic. The overall look matches the character of DIN, very minimal and straight to the point.

A little background on DIN: its origins go back to 1905 and was first created to standardize the use of fonts in the Royal Prussian Railway Administration, and in 1935 would also be the official typeface used for the rest of Germany's industries, being most recognizable in road signs and car plates. Later on it would gain popularity due to its wide exposure and has been also used by non-governmental organisations and businesses. With its raising popularity, the font was modified for graphic design use to the current design we know today. Its simplicity and timeless modern style is what makes it so popular, the different weights and variations give a broad range of usage and is one of the most used typefaces for traffic, being used until today as the official font for Germany's road signalization. It's definitely one of my favourite fonts!




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