Typographic Love: Putting Back the Face into Typeface


Here's an amazing video that every designer interested in typography should watch. It features Erik Spiekermann, German typographer, graphic designer and businessman who gives some insight into his work process, inspirations and creativeness. It's very interesting to watch and it gives a particular perspective of the design method, how the final form comes to life and how to approach it. A very particular analogy is what sinks most, he talks about how typography is similar to music, how the designer's task is about composing the sounds in the form of characters. This means, each typeface style can be considered as a different pitch and the design of each one of them is about tuning that harmony.

Regarding Spiekermann's work, his portfolio is the epitome of German typeface design. Elegant fonts with details that simply work, his vision really comes through in the form of simple yet beautiful fonts.  So please go check out the video below and get inspired! It's a refreshing look into typography and graphic design in general, it always comes in handy to have a new perspective. Enjoy!

Erik Spiekermann - Putting Back the Face into Typeface from Gestalten on Vimeo.

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