Typographic News: Bild's Cover In Handwriting

Industry News

Today's cover of German newspaper Bild reads "ALARM! Handwriting is dying!"- and to take things into matter they released a completely handwritten front page. In the style of a scrapbook the newspaper managed to display their news in old, plain handwriting reminding us that it still exists!

The report states that the overpowering use of smartphones and computers is going to overtake the handwritten form and it will probably will go in decay in the near future. Every day less and less people write with pen and paper, relying on the use of digital media. Going a bit further, a recent study says that 1 in 3 adults haven't written anything by hand in 6 months. (wow)

But you might be wondering what's the big deal about that. Well, handwriting is actually important for the development of manual skills, coordination and mental activity, which needs to be exercised daily. Even more, it is quite possible that not too long from now keyboards will also go obsolete as voice dictation is taking over smartphones and computers every day.

So let's hope this doesn't become a thing since handwriting is such a beautiful form of scripture. It's a signature of every person and as such it has a value of its own; it portrays individuality and is as distinct as someone's voice. Personally, I think that the use of pen and paper has a special character to it and can be an amazing way of expression and besides, there are really cool notebooks out there that are just waiting to be used!


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