Under Armour 3D Logo

Under Armour logo has become an iconic symbol in the sports world; it stands shoulder to shoulder with Nike and Adidas. The clever icon comprised of a U and A makes it an exciting symbol. We have been fans of Under Armour logo for some time, so we wanted to tackle the challenging task of making Under Armour logo in 3D.

Our first task was to find a way to show the Under Armour 3D logo is made of 2 letters U and A, without creating a break. This was not so hard; once we completed the Under Armour 3D logo, we pushed the first half of the U and the second half of the A back a little, creating a seamless break. This little trick made the Under Armour 3D model look like there are two pieces instead of one design.

We then wanted to bring more depth to the 3D logo. Most Under Armour 3D logos that are available online have one type of extruded depth; even Under Armour signage is created that way. We wanted to bring something a little extra, something a little more playful, to the Under Armour 3D logo, so we created this line in the middle of the 3D logo and pushed it forward. This sharp line created an exciting split to the Under Armour 3D logo; it gave us the option to play around with more color or texture to the 3D logo.

Under Armour Logo Red
Under Armour Red logo - 3D logo design
Under Armour 3D Logo Red is designed to give more texture to the logo with embossed dots and the whole logo is done in Red rubber. 
Under Armour 3D logo - Red and Metal 3D logo maker
Under Armour 3D logo - Red and Metal 3D logo maker Online
Under Armour Logo in 3d Metal and Red rubber is meant to bring different materials to the logo design.
 3D Under Armour logo - Purple and Metal 3D logo maker
 3D Under Armour logo - Purple and chrome 3D logo maker

Under Armour logo in Metallic Chrome and black rubber

Under Armour 3D logo Black

Black on Black 3D logo


Under Armour 3D logo Silver

Under Armour logo in Silver










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