Unrelated News: The Higgs Boson Illustrated Explanation [video]


After years of investigation, scientists at CERN have finally announced that they are almost certain (99,99% sure) they have found what they have called the 'God particle': the Higgs Boson. This discovery is an incredibly important step for science, as it would explain how matter comes to play- mystery that now solved will confirm the Standard Model of particle physics.

But for all of us who don't want to get stuck with the scientific terms and need a clear explanation of what all of this means, here is a very educational video that illustrates in a very simple manner what this discovery is really about. I have to admit that animations like this one make science or other hard/abstract subjects more attractive for the non-experts without compromising educational value over visual appeal. Indeed this is a fun and beautifully animated video that will surely explain this important discovery a bit better.


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