W3C Apologizes for HTML5 Logo Explanation

Industry News

The World Wide Web Consortium has, after much criticism regarding the public perception of HTML, decided to revise its official HTML5 logo explanation.

The organization said that the logo is a "general purpose visual identity" that covers a range of graphics software including HTML5, CSS, SVG and WOFF.

Many felt that the branding was too far-reaching, so the W3C's Ian Jacobs has responded by saying that CSS3 is not part of the HTML5 specification, however, "many HTML5 web sites and applications do take advantage of CSS3 for styling and presentation.We stated in the FAQ that this is not the official logo yet, but clearly the mixed message - 'high visibility launch' along with 'not yet official' - was confusing to some and caused others to feel slighted. I understand and apologize for that," said Jacobs.

"The most unified criticism has centered around the FAQ's original statement that the logo means 'a broad set of open web technologies', which some believe 'muddies the waters' of the open web platform."

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