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As you know, we here at Pixellogo.com love logo design. We love designing custom logos and logo templates for our customers. Another branch of graphic design that we also really love is corporate identity design. There are some truly amazing examples of excellent corporate identity design out there on the Web and today, I wanted to showcase a few of them here for you. Have a look at how the logo design, the business card design, the stationary design and all of the other corporate identity design elements compliment each other and work together to give each company's customers a cohesive image of their business.

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Max Chocolatier Corporate & Brand Identity

This great corporate identity was created by the Muggie Ramadani Design Studio ApS.

Max Chocolatier 1

Max Chocolatier 2

Max Chocolatier 3

Max Chocolatier 4

Max Chocolatier 5

Max Chocolatier 6

Linda Corporative Identity

Created by Breno Bitencourt, this is a lovely corporate identity package and logo.

Linda corporate identity 1

Linda corporate identity 2

Linda corporate identity 3

Linda corporate identity 4

Vivia Corporate & brand identity

This fantastic corporate identity was created by the Roger Oddone Design Studio.

Vivia Corporate Identity 1

Vivia Corporate Identity 2

Vivia Corporate Identity 3

xWare Corporate Identity

This corporate identity was created by Sebastian Gram.

xWare Corporate Identity 1

xWare Corporate Identity 2

xWare Corporate Identity 3

xWare Corporate Identity 4

xWare Corporate Identity 6

Zap Corporate & brand identity

This is another great branding identity project by the Roger Oddone Design Studio.

Zap Branding Identity 1

Zap Branding Identity 2

Zap Branding Identity 3

Zap Branding Identity 4

HRJ Corporate Identity

Robinsson Cravents created this fabulous corporate identity for HRJ.

HRJ Branding Identity 1

HRJ Branding Identity 2

HRJ Branding Identity 3

HRJ Branding Identity 4HRJ Branding Identity 5

HRJ Branding Identity 6

König Architektur Corporate & Brand Identity

This is another creative corporate identity created by the Muggie Ramadani Design Studio ApS.

Konig Architektur 1

Konig Architektur 2

Konig Architektur 3

Konig Architektur 4

Konig Architektur 5

Konig Architektur 6

Konig Architektur 7

Konig Architektur 8

St-thermohus Corporate & brand identity

Sebastian Gram created this corporate identity for St-thermohus.

st-thermohus 1

st-thermohus 3

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