What Makes A Good Logo? Expert Tips

What are the keys point to make the logo good? 

A good logo is unique, suitable, memorable, helpful, and simple in form. It allows the owner to convey their message without needing color. So what makes for a great logo? 

However, Two things make a great logo: a concept that is easy to grasp for the viewer and reflects their values.

What Makes  A Good Logo? Features of a Good Logo

1. Simple

Some of the practical and popular logos in history are simple.

Find out how to design simple logos in Simple. They are simple and easy to remember. You can use them for a variety of projects in many different fields.

There are reasons to keep the logo simple;

  • A simple design conveys your brand's personality clearly and effectively.
  • It should highlight the most critical aspects of a brand personality.
  • A symbol can also help to create simplicity because people may associate it with ideas or values they only sometimes connect with.

You can communicate a strong brand message with a simple yet memorable design. Additionally, fonts and colors can reflect your business's unique personality.

A brand requires a lot of thought.  

2. Relevant

The first thing that a great logo should convey is that it is relevant to the target audience. No doubt, Branding is an essential part of your business. Therefore, keeping your brand consistent across all your visual and media assets is essential.

So that, One of the primary elements of a brand is using colors to show the brand's personality. In addition, colors help convey information to your target audience.

As a final step, choose the correct symbol for your logo to create a visual anchor. So, Your symbol is one of the most critical aspects of your brand. Without it, your brand would not exist. It is also vital to connect your brand with its ideas and values using these symbols. 

3. Memorable

Creating a memorable and unique logo is also essential.

The goal of a logo is to make people remember you and want to buy your product. Therefore, it is much easier for consumers to remember your logo and brand.

Firm logos with impact are helpful for brand recall. A good logo is memorable.

Finally, a great logo should always strive to be memorable. The logo you design needs to stand out from the crowd, even if the industry uses well-established formats and norms. 

4. Timeless

Logos that are meaningful and will never go out of style stand out from the crowd. Trends are tempting to incorporate into a logo, but it's not always a good idea. In addition, logos must reflect current trends. So these logos may look good now, but will they look even better next year?

A timeless logo is not just about staying relevant. Additionally, it must be meaningful and connect with users at all times. The most timeless logos remove unnecessary details and crazy ideas, focusing on quality over quantity.

However, color is one of the most critical elements in a logo. As a result, timeless logos incorporate a limited number of rich, specific colors.

5. Versatile

There are many reasons for choosing a logo. Using a good logo in various ways, shapes, and situations is possible.

Therefore, logo designs need to be flexible to meet the needs of both small and large businesses.

As a result, Your brand will be more visible when you choose a logo that scales to different sizes. You should also choose a printable logo or another medium for placement.

If you shrink a logo to a smaller size, it becomes illegible or looks less appealing. Your logo will be more versatile if you consider the format you create and save it.

You must use simple and clean lines, patterns, and elements to create a beautiful design. To simplify it, only add what is essential.

Remember the value of keeping the text short and snappy when writing a press release. It is vital to ensure that the reader remains engaged and hooked from the beginning. 

What To Avoid In Logo Design?

To make a good logo, you only need three things, and those three things are precise:
  1. Name
  2. Tagline
  3. Icon

If you are running an e-commerce business, you should put more money into advertising and marketing. Otherwise, leave it for good because it will not help your business.

A logo is a crucial aspect of any business, and as such, it should be protected and designed well.

  •  Being Overly Literal

Yes, the logo must be simple, but it can be jarring if it's too literal. When you take advantage of any opportunity to express complex brand values, you risk appearing generic and flat. Your business and relationships may suffer as a result.

The best way to capture your brand spirit is to use conceptual icons that capture the spirit of your brand. Imagine your company as a symbol. If your name is bold, make your tagline regular. Could it be a symbol of your purpose or mission?

Designer is always striving to improve their work as well. So it is best to have an icon with an attractive design that will stand out.

  • Lengthy Taglines

The essence of your brand identity is the core message you want to convey, condensed into a brief tagline.

Your motto should be 30 characters or less and should never be more than a sentence. Unfortunately, many of the world's biggest brands have it as a sentence rather than a word.

There are exceptions to this, of course. In general, it's best to keep the same tagline length as the business name.

Long names can be a drag. So instead, try something short for your slogan. It will make your business look more credible.

In the same way, if you use bold font for your name, use a regular font for your tagline.

  •  Getting Stuck On One Idea

Branding is essential to creating brand authority and recognizing your product, service, or business.

It would help if you made decisions based on solid market research. Afterward, take breaks when your company can return to the design process. Likewise, take a second look at other ideas after they have matured.

Make sure your logo stands out. A unique logo that stands out is essential, so your customers know what they are looking for and what they will get.

If you decide to focus all of your efforts on one form of sales at the expense of other forms, your business runs the risk of becoming blind to them.


Compelling logos are easy to design when you focus on their practical qualities. By working to produce a timeless and versatile design, you can establish a solid foundation to build your brand.

You can remember your design if it is simple enough. Simple is better than complex. It's much easier to design a logo using our logo maker tool.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Does a Logo Cost?

The Cost to design a logo depends on what it needs to do for them. Every company has different needs, and there is only one way to answer that question if you know what they need.

2. Do You Know What Fonts To Use For Your Logo?

Brand identity begins with logo design. Therefore, choosing the right font for your logo is an important consideration.

While a few of the newer fonts seem a bit dated and have less personality, you can probably get along without them.

Yes, not at all. It should be consistent with your brand's overall look and feel. It needs to look great and feel good.

3. How Can I Make My Logo Unique?

If you know what makes a  good logo, then your logo will be unique and rank top. However, your logo will only rank if you follow the tips.

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